How to Choose the Right Booth for Your Formal Business Promotion Event

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Despite the initial setback, business events and tradeshows have made a solid comeback. As a result, businesses are going all out to make their presence felt. If you are looking to stand out, make a lasting impression, and gather a flock of customers at such a gathering, know that your booth will have to be as charming and presentable as the people running it.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right booth at a business promotion event:

Understand the Types of Booths

Naturally, your homework begins with understanding the different types of booths. Typically, formal events often witness four different types of booths, these are:

  • Island Booth: Island booths are open on all sides and offer maximum exposure. Such a structure makes the booth highly accessible and grants visibility to the display.
  • Inline Booth: As the name suggests, inline booths are set up back to back and side to side along a line. As such, your booth will be accessible only from one or two sides.
  • Peninsula Booth: Peninsula booths are essentially inline booths placed at one end. This location makes it accessible from three sides.
  • Perimeter Booth: Perimeter booths are similar to peninsulas, except one side is not accessible. They are placed on the outer perimeter of the trade show floor and have relaxed height restrictions.

Factor in Your Location

Once you have understood the different types of booths, you need to scout the venue to see where your booth will be located. We have seen already how certain booths are suitable for specific locations. In addition to the booth placement, you will also have to account for the traffic movement and accessibility so that you can attract maximum patrons without running out of space. Hence, put in a good amount of time to understand the trade show floor layout and how you can capitalize on your location.

Customize the Design

Branding is a crucial segment of marketing at business promotion events. After all, a plain-Jane booth in all white will not be as memorable as the one splashed in colors and embedded with logos that reflect your brand. Combine your USP, brand messaging, and business personality, and you will have the perfect recipe for getting noticed. Custom displays are known as lead magnets and investing in them will grant you an appreciable ROI.

As trade show experts, we know the best way to put your business in the spotlight. Get in touch with us as we show you the way to profit from every business promotion event!

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