Don’t Tell Them—Show Them, With Experiential Trade Show Booths!

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You want your trade show presentation to stand out and be a memorable experience. One of the best ways to do this is to engage your visitors using more than the visual sense. Experiential trade show booths allow you to do this and make sure your booth is the one they remember when they get back to the office.

Be a Better Brand Storyteller
One of the principles of good storytelling is to show, not tell. What this means is that you want the audience to be engaged, inquisitive, and draw conclusions for themselves. Rambling on about your product and then handing them a pamphlet or brochure is old-school, and they are more likely to shove the brochure in the bottom of their bag and never look at it again. But if you give them a reason to remember you, they will. It also makes them more likely to pick up the phone or visit your website.

Experiential trade show booths make visitors 74% more likely to buy promotional products and 98% more likely to share their experience on social media. That is like free advertising that expands your reach beyond the show. Statistics also show that 98% of the guests are likely to come away with positive feelings about the booth and the brand.
Benefits of Experiential Booths
Besides making your booth more memorable, experiential booths are more likely to draw more traffic as guests talk to others. Experiential booths are also more likely to attract press or social media coverage because they offer something different. A live demo is better than a video or written material, but letting the visitors try your product for themselves makes them more likely to remember it.

LCDs and videos are the most common tool used at trade shows. Experiential trade show booths are starting to gain momentum because they provide a more physically engaging environment than staring at a screen. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are also beginning to find their way into more booths. People spend much of their time staring at screens, and offering them something different from another screen will make them remember you.

Ideas for Experiential Trade Show Booths
Here are a few ideas for experiential trade show booths that are designed to take your product to the next level:
● Hand out samples
● Interactive displays and demos
● Launch hashtag campaign for prizes
● Go 3D with your displays
● Allow people to create something
● Hold a contest

The bottom line is that the more fun your visitors have, the more they will remember you in a positive way.

Experiential booths will make your brand memorable, but they can be more labor-intensive than a standard trades show booth. They require more preparation and planning. That is why Next Level Displays in Brea, CA, offers services to help businesses get ready with creative displays. If you have a trade show coming up, it is a good idea to contact us so that we can get started designing a display that will make you the talk of the show.

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