Tips for Creating Effective Exhibit Graphics for Your Event

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Exhibit graphics must communicate your message effectively and reflect your brand’s values. It is always wise to determine the objective of your exhibition images. Here are some tips event managers should know about exhibit graphics.

Dimensions and Placement

The images or graphics you choose should be proportional to the size of the exhibit. Ideally, you should focus on one large image rather than many smaller images. This format is widely considered to be the most effective option for grabbing the attention of audiences in exhibitions.

Placement will depend on several factors like lighting, purpose, and the typography of the image. Banners should be at the highest point to ensure visitors passing by your stand get a clear view of it.

You can also include LED displays in your exhibition to capture attention. Ideally, the display should be high enough to keep prying hands and brutal weather conditions at bay. Consider working with an expert like Next Level Displays to ensure the best results in Brea, CA.


The Value of Colors and Contrast

The right choice of contrast and color could make a strong impression on your target audience. You can enhance the graphic’s contrast by placing brighter hues in front of darker ones.

Pay attention to how you place your text against the backdrop. Avoid placing text against backgrounds that distract the audience from the message.


Graphics Messaging for Your Event

When it comes to your exhibit’s message, the first rule is to keep it simple. If you are writing content for billboards, a maximum of six words is usually best for capturing the attendee’s attention. Excessive text will only distract the audience.

You have less than eight seconds to communicate your message to event attendees. The content should encourage exhibit visitors to learn more about the services you offer. A catchy title and a short intro with 150 characters are enough to pass the message effectively.


Developing a Consistent Branding Experience

Customers need a consistent brand experience when interacting with a brand, whether it is offline, on social, media, or mobile. Think about where you are going to place the logo and images. The exhibit graphics must weave with other elements of your promotions.

You may want to consider incorporating multiple images of real customers using your products in your banner. Such images are more effective than glossy photographs, which can end up looking generic. They are also easier to generate and more affordable for small businesses.

The quality of the graphics can make a big difference in the success of your exhibition. It can be challenging for brands to put together elements in a way that is effective for the business. That’s why Next Level Displays is offering a concept delivery service for brands.


If you are looking to compete with larger companies, you’ll need a provider with the right experience and expertise to deliver exactly what you need. At Next Level Displays, we have a variety of displays you can customize to suit your exhibition in Brea, CA. Contact our team in Northern Orange County to obtain outstanding results for your business.

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