Top 3 Benefits of Renting a Booth vs. Buying a Booth

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It’s no secret that trade shows and conferences are important for brands looking to expand their user base, target new leads, and generate sales. However, participating in a trade show requires plenty of planning and effort. You need to work as a team to develop a collaborative and organized process while ensuring your brand identity stays intact.

When it comes to fixing the budget for trade shows, businesses often struggle to choose between buying or renting a booth. We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 benefits of renting and buying a booth to make this choice easier.


Benefits of Renting a Booth

More Room for Flexibility

Renting a booth is ideal for brands that frequently revamp their brand identity—be it their logo, branding images, or campaign strategy.

Even if you don’t do a complete revamp, your business is constantly evolving. Renting a booth will allow you to showcase a different look and feel to the display—one that’s in sync with your organization’s latest branding requirements and reflects your brand’s values perfectly.

Taking Advantage of the Latest Technology

Renting a booth allows the brand to capitalize on the latest technologies and ensure that the display always reflects the industry’s current demands. After all, potential clients will not engage with an out-of-touch and dull display filled with obsolete technology.

Empowers Brands to Leverage Customizable Designs

Customizable turnkey booths offer the best of both worlds—they provide scalability and flexibility while making sure that the brand identity is true to form.

Rented booths are the best choice for brands who don’t participate in trade shows and exhibitions, often enough to warrant the purchase of a booth. They also give brands the freedom to customize the booth in terms of colors, furniture, and specialty graphics to suit their brand style guide and the exhibition’s theme.


Benefits of Buying a Booth


If your industry requires you to participate in conferences and trade shows much more frequently than the average business, it makes financial sense to own a booth. In this case, it will always be more cost-effective for brands to own a booth instead of renting one.

Helps Maintain a Consistent Brand Image

If you are an already well-established brand in your niche, it pays to maintain a consistent brand image so prospective clients can easily identify you.

When you invest in customized booths, you are also essentially committing to one standard design. As a loyal and frequent participant in exhibitions, this can help your brand maintain consistency and build a solid brand image from the get-go so clients can easily recognize you.

Limitless Opportunities for Customizations

Owning a booth means you have complete control over how you choose to personalize it—from using customized graphics to experimenting with the layout, there’s plenty of ground you can cover. This allows you to provide a fresh approach each time you visit a trade show without being restricted to specific rules that rented booths may require you to follow.

Depending on your marketing goals, sales targets, customer support requirements, and overall business objectives, you can make the right choice and lay the foundation for winning trade shows every single time. Get in touch with Next Level Displays for your next trade show!


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