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A large open floor, hundreds of businesses, thousands of potential clients and customers… what’s not to like?! A tradeshow is a fantastic place to discover your business and brand. The right trade show can help your business scale up, attracting leads, customers, and media attention that can fuel growth and help you succeed.

However, trade shows can be a costly business investment. Even a small event can quickly add up: designing a trade show booth, buying exhibition badges for your staff, renting exhibition space, not to mention booking hotel rooms and travel.

As an exhibitor, renting a trade show booth rather than designing and manufacturing one from scratch is among the most effective ways to lower your costs. The following are the biggest benefits of renting a booth for your show instead of designing and purchasing your own.

Advantages of Rental Trade Show Booths

1.   Flexibility

Renting exhibit booths for trade shows offers you the flexibility of moving from show to show. This allows your team to make changes and decisions without having to own different signs or displays.

Need to make changes? Just let our team know in advance, and we’ll take care of those changes for you while you take care of your company.

2.   Cost-Effective

Even though you’re renting the booth, you have total freedom over its customization and layout. Renting allows you to keep your maintenance and upkeep costs low—and you don’t have to worry about storing it all in your back room during the off season!

Companies can promote their brands and attract prospective clients from all over the hall with a customized exhibit. Trade show booth rentals are a cost-effective way to increase marketing results, allowing exhibitors to stay within budget without sacrificing brand awareness.

3.   Fully-Customizable

Rental booths don’t have to be generic! There are numerous ways to customize your exhibit. We offer a variety of ways to make your rental booth “your own” (at least, for the duration of the event!) including custom displays, portable banners, exhibit furniture, interactive displays, and so much more. Feeling uninspired? Check out this article for some tips or browse through our portfolio!

While it’s true that rental booths have some limitations, many small businesses view this as a benefit, not a bug. Making decisions is easier, faster, and cheaper when you have fewer options to choose from. This allows you to focus on other event preparation tasks. This means you can create a booth that resonates with your brand and makes an impact without having to manage all the details of a fully customized graphics display. After all, grand ideas are only as good as their execution!

4.   Help at Every Step

When you partner with an exhibit rental company, you’ll receive guidance at every stage of the process, from conceptualizing the exhibit to storing it after the show is over. Next Level Displays was founded on the idea that customer service is a rule, not an idea. Our team is here to help with whatever questions you may have.

Rent a Trade Show Booth that Converts with Next Level Displays

Want to compete with the bigger companies, but your budget is tight? With a custom rental, you can achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank. Our team of California-based designers will work with you to build a booth that meets all your specific needs. In addition, we can ship, install, dismantle, and supervise all phases of the project!

Contact us today to request a Next Level Displays Brochure.

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